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Team: Catarina Carneiro, Alexandra Correia, Tânia Lima, Manuel Vilanova, Célia Pais, Andreia C. Gomesa, M. Elisabete C.D. Real Oliveira, Paula Sampaio

This work was the result of a collaborative multidisciplinary study by a team with expertise on biophysics, cell biology and immunology. It describes the development of a liposomal delivery system, composed of DODBA:MO and Candida albicans cell wall proteins, to be used in a vaccination strategy against systemic fungal infections. In the murine model of systemic infection this vaccine resulted in a protective immune response profile that was very effective for the survival of lethally infected mice. This system is a very promising candidate to be tested in phase II clinical trials.

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Fernanda Cássio and Cláudia Pascoa participated in this meeting in November 2016, presenting the following talk: 
"Produtos e processos verdes inovadores para promover a bioeconomia e a biosustentatiblidade da indústria agro-alimentar"

Fernanda Cássio and Cláudia Pascoa participated in the first portuguese congress of microplastics, in December in Porto, with the following talk:
"Biodegradação de plásticos por fungos e mecanismos de biodegradação"

CBMA organized in Guimarães, in December, the XIX National Congress of Biochemistry.
Several CBMA students and investigators participated in this congress with talks and posters.

Ana Carvalho, Ana Margarida Pereira, Daniela Batista, David Ribas, Diana Barros, PhD students from CBMA, were  awarded with grants to attend the congress.

Rosana Alves also from CBMA won the prize for the best oral presentation, entitled "Lactic acid increases susceptibility of Candida albicans to fluconazole"

Fernando P. Santos, PhD student from CBMA won in Singapura the award for best article in the Adaptative Learning Agents workshop.

CBMA researchers that presented talks in DBio seminars during the last part of 2016:
- Ana Preto: "Unravel the impact of mutant KRAS alleles on autophagy regulation in colorectal cancer"

- Rosana Alves: "The role of alternative carbon sources on Candida glabrata pathogenesis"

- Bruno Castro: "Antifungal agents in the environment: an overlooked scenario on the interaction between pollution and fungi-mediated processes"

UM I&D - From the laboratory to the radio, research at the University of Minho - innovations, researchers - is a program at RUM (Rádio Universitária do Minho) led by the journalist Elsa Moura. This weak with Alexandra Nobre (STOL coordinator), for nearly an hour.

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Ciência Viva  turned 20 years and, to commemorate, organized a science cruise on the Vera Cruz Ship along the portuguese coast, complemented with several Science festivals on shore. After Sines, Lisboa e Aveiro, Porto was the final stop, on 9th of August at Jardim do Passeio Alegre. STOL invited by Curtir Ciência - Ciência Viva de Guimarães was present with the project "Homo numericus" that recently was actualized with new hands-on materials. 

STOL integrated the ECUM program for ERC16 (European Researchers Night) at Museu Dom Diogo de Sousa, with three completely diverse activities and designed for different target audiences.

- Ideas on Pulses  (Ideias Leguminosas) (stand with roll ups, hands on activities, games, ..., some in collaboration with Escola Semente sde Liberdade).

Informal speech  entitled "Science, pulses and nutrition"held in the scope of 2016 - International Year of Pulses  at 10am in the Auditorium of Escola Sá de Miranda - Braga. The speakers were Paula Nogueira (researcher at the Interdisciplinary Research Institute of the University of Coimbra, History of Science and Scientific Education PhD student and member of the STOL team), Teresa Lino Neto (Professor of the Department of Biology - Minho University and researcher at Center for Functional Plant Biology) and Chef António Loureiro ( "A Cozinha" Restaurant). At the beginning Alexandra Nobre and Ana Rita Gomes introduced the theme correlating it with the exhibition housed at the same auditorium and thet was inaugurated in the previous week (see event bellow).

Several sessions of PubhD (organized by STOL) took place in Braga in Guimarães in the past months:
* September 8th (Braga): 
   - Francisca Rodrigues dos Reis (Biologia) - "Sobreiros com pé de atleta"
   - Luís Pinto (Ciências Comunicação) - "Luzes, câmara, acção! Vamos comunicar ciência"
* October 27th (Guimarães):
   - Cláudia Amorim (Engenharia Biológica) - "Casca de banana faz bem à saúde"
   - Filipa Ribeiro (Jornalismo e Comunicação) - "Redes sociais para cientistas"
* November 10th (Braga):
   - Bárbara Mendes (Medicina Regenerativa) - "Órgãos a la carte"
   - Diana Fernandes (Ecologia e Gestão Ambiental) - "As pragas da cidade invicta"
* December 15th (Guimarães):
   - Alexandra Brito (Medicina Regenerativa) - "Células estaminais - diga adeus às proteses"
   - Patrícia Fernandes (Educação) - "O meu filho é especial. E agora?"

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