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Workshop Plantas com Sabores

saboresp 2015

Bring family and friends to enjoy an afternoon of scents and flavours, in the company of "PAM" (Aromatic and Medicinal Plants). In this workshop you will be invited to explore the world of PAM through educational games and through cooking recipes with a taste of nature.

Registrations: http://socpvs.org/cerca.php

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Introductory Course on Scientific Illustration


The scientific illustration is a type of drawing based on the richness and precision of visual information. It is widely used in biological and medical drawings, and other areas of knowledge, in order to bypass the limitations that photography sometimes presents.

This workshop will be coordinated by the biologist and illustrator Milene Matos, who will present the basics of scientific illustration and a fundamental technique - graphite illustration. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to produce graphite illustration step-by-step, in a targeted way, acquiring tools to develop the observational and illustration skills autonomously in the future.

Inscrições em: bit.ly/ilustracao17012015

Destinatários: Alunos de licenciatura, mestrado e público em geral

Número mínimo: 8 | Número máximo: 15

Preços: Alunos - 30€ | Outros participantes - 40€

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mais informações: http://socpvs.org/cerca.php

XXXIX Portuguese Genetics Conference


The XXXIX Portuguese Genetics Conference will be organized by CBMA. This meeting is a prime opportunity to interact with colleagues working  in the field of genetics throughout the country and abroad. We expect a relaxed scientific environment where you will (re)discover and discuss a wide range of current research topics in Genetics (independently of the organism or approach used). From established researchers to students with an interest in Genetics, all are welcome.

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Exposição MARgens com Vida


margens1 copy

Photographic and textual exhibition about the coastal marginal ecosystems of northern Portugal, corresponding to a transition area between the ocean and the adjacent terrestrial systems, with characteristics resulting from the interaction between the ocean, the land mass and the atmosphere, which is reflected not only in the physical and biological processes but also in the organisms living there.

Exhibition held in the framework of cooperation between the CMIA-Viana do Castelo, the BCAM and SPVS. FEDER funding, cross-border project Team Minho.

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UMinho Develops Method for targeted Drug Delivery

UMinho develops method for targeted drug delivery

Work from the researcher Eugénia Nogueira was awarded by the Royal Society of Chemistry


Eugénia Nogueira, PhD student from the PDBMA under the supervision of Ana Preto (CBMA) and Artur Cavaco-Paulo (CEB), gave an interview to the TV program “Mentes que Brilham”, from Porto Channel, talking about her PhD project in the development of a new therapy for chronic inflammatory disorders, namely Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). The aim of the project is to explore the potential of nanoparticles as an effective drug delivery system to directly target activated macrophages and reduce long term effects of RA. This new therapy would represent a new altenative, cost efficient treatment for RA with low side effects that will constitute a more advantageous solution than current therapies.

A researcher from University of Minho optimized a nanoparticle able to control the release of drugs for treatment of cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. "The selective and targeted release of therapeutic agents to combat certain cells is very advantageous, since it requires lower dose of the drug, does not affect healthy cells and reduces the side effects," says Eugénia Nogueira.

The work from the PhD student in Molecular and Environmental Biology is based on the characterization of a new method to introduce folic acid at the surface of liposomes - nanoparticles in study. It was demonstrated that folic acid is recognized by its receptor, only present on the surface of cancer cells and activated macrophages. "As these immune cells are key effector cells, for example, in rheumatoid arthritis, it was possible to design a specific and targeted therapy to act against this disease, which affects 50 million people worldwide and is highly disabling in its advanced stage", explains the author of the study "Characterization of a peptide as a membrane anchor in liposomes for the incorporation of ligands for specific targeting", recently awarded by the Royal Society of Chemistry with "Skinner Prize for the Best Poster Presentation".

This work is part of the European project Nanofol, which aims to develop methods of diagnosis/therapy able to providing a more effective treatment for chronic inflammatory diseases than the current ones.

Eugénia Nogueira is 29 years old and is from Barcelos. She graduated in Biochemistry from the University of Porto (2007), where later made the Master degree. Attends his PhD since 2009 in the CBMA (Department of Biology) and CEB (Department of Biological Engineering) at UMinho. Her recent research area is focused on the development and optimization of liposomes as targeted systems for the delivery of therapeutic agents.

Porto Canal | Mentes que Brilham, 11 novembro’14


II Symposium of the PhD Programme on Molecular and Environmental Biology



The II Symposium of the PhD Programme on Molecular and Environmental Biology, will be organized this year by the PhD students from the 2nd and 3rd edition (2010-2011, 2011-2012) of the Doctoral Programme in Molecular and Environmental Biology (PDBMA). It intends to show the PDBMA in a scientific perspective, as well as to give the opportunity to the students to present their personal experiences throughout the development of their PhD. Master students will also have the chance to present the work developed during their master thesis project.

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CBMA is enrolled in PhD programs approved by FCT in the 2014 national contest


CBMA is enrolled in PhD programs approved by FCT in the 2014 national contest:

. Applied and Environmental Microbiology (DP-AEM) PhD program, coordinated by CBMA (Margarida Casal) in a joint collaboration with 4 national institutions (IST/UTL; ITQB/UNL; FC/UL and CEB/UM).

. Marine Science, Technology and Management (Do*Mar) PhD program involving CBMA, UAveiro (coordination) and UTAD.


The Landscape Laboratory was inaugurated on 24 June 2014

 The Landscape Laboratory, a partnership between the City of Guimarães and the University of Minho, was inaugurated on 24 June 2014.

LB480-3 LB480-5

The Landscape Laboratory has the mission to promote knowledge and innovation, research and scientific dissemination contributing to an integrated and participated action in environmental and sustainable development policies, aiming to raise environmental awareness, citizen’s wellbeing, efficient urban metabolism and the protection of natural resources.

The Landscape Laboratory includes four research areas, namely Ecology, Hydraulics, Geography and Urban Environment. The CBMA is a key partner of the Landscape Laboratory by contributing to understand the role of biodiversity in ecosystem functioning, evaluating and mitigating the impacts of human activities (pollution, habitat destruction, invasive species...) under climate change scenarios, valuing ecosystem services and promoting human well-being.




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Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE) in Microbial Ecology - Insights from Freshwaters


Sofia1Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE) in Microbial Ecology - Insights from Freshwaters, is a chapter from the book Gel Electrophoresis - Principles and Basics, that has reached 7000 downloads. Sofia Duarte is the main author of this book chapter.








Presentation session from the American Society for Microbiology (ASM)

The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) is the oldest and largest microbiology society in the world. With 40,000 members worldwide, this society organizes various conferences in multiple areas and is responsible for the publication of magazines, journals and hundreds of scientific books, edited in multiple languages. At this level, the 13 existing journals of the ASM represent 42% of citations in Microbiology.
Dr. Diogo Proença is an Young Ambassador of ASM in Portugal and will come to the University of Minho to present the society, some of the work of it develops and the advantages in belonging to ASM with special focus to masters and doctoral students and Post Docs.
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