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DNA Barcoding for Species Assignment: The Case of Mediterranean Marine Fishes


A core library of DNA barcodes for marine fishes of Europe

CBMA researchers are leading authors of the final study (published last week in PLos One (1)) of a set of 4 scientific papers (1-4) that will contribute to improve the knowledge of European marine ichthyofauna. This set of papers comprises a checklist for over 1000 marine fish species recorded in Portuguese waters (4), and reports on DNA barcodes for fish species from 3 large European marine areas (1-3). Together, they provide a core library of DNA barcodes for over 275 species, establishing a backbone for a DNA-based identification system for marine fishes in Europe.


Discovery of a key molecule for Alzheimer, Parkinson and cancer treatment

CBMA researcher a protein required for Alzheimer and Cancer treatmentSandra Paiva, a CBMA researcher, is coordinating a study that allowed to discover a key molecule for Alzheimer, Parkinson and cancer treatment. The discovery of the functions of ROD1 protein is a significant contribution to the understanding of the processes involved in protein destruction in human cells and the research group is still engaged in further tests to expand current knowledge; the ultimate goal would be to produce target molecules, such as drugs and other pharmaceuticals, that can prevent or decrease the incidence of these diseases.


Young Researcher CNOIV Award

oiv-logoRui Martins, a researcher at CBMA, has recently won the young researcher award for the best national communication in the area of viticulture. The award was granted for his oral communication at the XXXIV World Congress of Vine And Wine, that took place in Porto (Portugal) between the 20th and 27th of June 2011. 
The communication, entitled "Facing the Complexity of Grape Quality Management and Delivering an Highthroughput Device: VinePAT" was presented in the viticulture panel and was granted the award in that same area.

The award ceremony took place on December 31st 2012 in Lisbon during the coloquium “A Sustentabilidade do Sector Vitivinícola: Que desafios?”. In the 2011 edition, the CNOIV award was granted to three national communications in the areas of Viticulture, Enology and Economy and Law.


MICROBIOTEC'11: Best Poster Presentation Prize

microbiotec11 Pedro Santos, a researcher at CBMA, won the best poster presentation prize at Microbiotec'11. His research was distinguished among almost 500 poster presentation at the event, highlighting the quality of his work.The award winning poster was entitled "An integrated omic approach towards the metabolic engineering of myrcene pathway of Pseudomonas sp. M1".


Journal of Bacteriology Cover

jbacteriology-picPedro Santos made the cover of Journal of Bacteriology.
The cover of the October issue of 2011 (#19) uses an illustration of comparative genomic analysis from an article of our Professor Pedro Santos.


Cost Action TD 0905: Epigenetics, bench to bedside

cost-0905-picMeeting of the Cost Action TD 0905: Epigenetics, bench to bedside.
The main objective of this European Cost Action is to further our understanding on epigenetic gene regulation processes. The information provided will be useful for the development of novel therapeutic agents against diverse human diseases.


Sessão de Formação sobre ecossistemas aquáticos

sessao-pontelimaSessão de Formação: Monitorização e gestão de ecossistemas aquáticos.
O Prof. Pedro Gomes (CBMA) foi convidado a participar como palestrante numa sessão de formação da Câmara Municipal de Ponte de Lima. A sua comunicação incidirá sobre a "Gestão de sistemas lacustres e fluviais em espaços classificados".


Sessão de Divulgação

BiotecmarValorização biotecnológica dos produtos e subprodutos marinhos
O CBMA promove uma sessão de divulgação do Instituto de Investigação das Pescas e do Mar (IPIMAR) no âmbito do projecto INTERREG Atlantic Area “Valorização biotecnológica dos produtos e subprodutos marinhos” (BIOTECMAR).


Inovação com carros biodegradáveis

Consórcio ECOPlast junta 13 parceiros de cinco países europeus Consórcio ECOPlast junta 13 parceiros de cinco países europeus 
Já alguma vez acreditou que o seu carro pudesse biodegradar-se após vários anos de utilização? Este fenómeno ambiental poderá vir a acontecer futuramente graças ao projeto europeu Ecoplast, que visa aplicar matérias renováveis na indústria automóvel.


III Jornadas Micológicas

An ocean field research expedition and field oriented coursesIII Jornadas Micológicas 
As III Jornadas Micológicas pretendem ser um espaço de reflexão sobre a importância dos fungos em geral, e dos cogumelos em particular, no Ambiente e na Saúde.


Ocean field research expedition

An ocean field research expedition and field oriented coursesTogether with the European funded LIFE project MarPro campaign, the Santa Maria Manuela Expedition is a unique field oriented research course on marine biology that provides a hands-on approach to marine zoology and ecology, namely regarding cetaceans and marine birds.

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