Centro de Biologia Molecular e Ambiental

Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology


III Jornadas Micológicas

An ocean field research expedition and field oriented coursesIII Jornadas Micológicas 
As III Jornadas Micológicas pretendem ser um espaço de reflexão sobre a importância dos fungos em geral, e dos cogumelos em particular, no Ambiente e na Saúde.


Ocean field research expedition

An ocean field research expedition and field oriented coursesTogether with the European funded LIFE project MarPro campaign, the Santa Maria Manuela Expedition is a unique field oriented research course on marine biology that provides a hands-on approach to marine zoology and ecology, namely regarding cetaceans and marine birds.


Resultados do Concurso de Logotipo

Já estão disponíveis os resultados do Concurso de Ideias para Logótipo do Instituto de Ciência e Inovação para a Bio-sustentabilidade (IB-S). A proposta vencedora desenvolvida por José Eduardo Calheiros e Isabel Varajão, reuniu o maior consenso entre os 5 membros do júri do concurso pela sua criatividade, qualidade e adequação ao tema, sendo facilmente adaptável às necessidades do projecto e tendo características gráficas que lhe permitem a devida maleabilidade.


First Prize - SpinUM'10 Award

The CBMA researcher Raúl Machado won the first prize on the SpinUM Competition with the project "euPA". The "SpinUM - Business Ideas Competition" is an initiative promoted by TecMinho Spinpark and now in its third year. The seven ideas finalists in the third edition of SpinUM came from the areas of Biotechnology, Textile Engineering, Electronics, Physics and Health Sciences 


Jose Vingada interviewed for TV program "4xCiencia"

The TV program "4xCiência" invited Professor José Vingada for an interview. The program aired on the RTPN network on the 27th of November. The subject of the interview was the status of the research field station in Quiaios, CRAM-Q (Centro de Recuperação de Animais Marinhos - Quiaios, and its latest achievements on animal rescue and recovery.


First Prize - Project VinePAT

Project VinePAT wins Idea to Product (I2P) Global Competition

VinePAT is a system developed by Rui Martins, a researcher at CBMA, capable of gathering and analysing data based on spectroscopy and Process Analitical Technology (PAT), allowing vitners to control the quality of the grapes they produce and decide about treatments to apply on grapes' maturation phase, as well as optimal date for harvest.


Green Project Awards: Project Safe Sea distinguised

The Green Project Awards 2010 have distinguished the SafeSea Project (CBMA - Biology Department, University of Minho) with an honorable mention in the Research and Development category.


Campus do Mar and CBMA

A new partnership in Galiza

The project Campus do Mar was developed by universities in Galiza and North of Portugal and it aims being a centre of international excellence in marine areas in service to the society. CBMA is involved with Campus do Mar in the R&D section through the participation in the new post-graduate school opening in a near future.


Scientific Illustration Course

The Portuguese Wildlife Society and the CBMA are organizing a Scientific Illustration Course taught by Fernando Correia, a biologist and illustrator. This course is scheduled for the 20th and 27th of November and 4th of December, and it will present the Biological Illustration (basic mode) focusing on:


CBMA's Master Programmes on Facebook

Catching up with current trends of social presence over the internet, both our Master Programmes Coordinators decided to create Facebook profiles.
Check them out:


New Database of Scientific Publications

We have a new database to manage our scientific publications. This database, available at http://references.cbma.bio.uminho.pt, will store all the bibliographic references from CBMA's members from 2003 onward. It is expected to be fully updated by the end of the year with all references from 2010.

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