Centro de Biologia Molecular e Ambiental

Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology


Experiment@Ciência, in partnership with NEBAUM (Núcleo de Estudantes de Biologia Aplicada da Universidade do Minho) organizes every morning of the 3rd Saturday of each month, at the Library Lúcio Craveiro da Silva, scientific interdisciplinary hands-on activities– Ciência p´ra que te quero - for children from 6 to 10 years.

M. Judite Almeida, a CBMA member, is in the core of the design and implementation of these activities.

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Ciência p´ra que te quero: A tua casa é sustentável?

Biblioteca Lúcio Craveiro da Silva, 10h-12h sábado, 17-02-2018 
Atividades hands-on na BLCS

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Ciência p´ra que te quero! QuantosRsECOntas?

21 de outubro, Biblioteca Lúcio Craveiro da Silva, Braga, 10h-12h.

Já ouviste falar nos 3Rs? Sim…. E nos 5Rs? Ou nos 8Rs? Reduzir, reciclar, reutilizar, recusar, respeitar, repensar, repassar e reintegrar… E podemos acrescentar mais! Responsabilizar…Restaurar…E tudo isto promove a sustentabilidade!

Agora que já sabes quais são os Rs vem aprender a fazer escolhas conscientes na próxima Ciência p´ra que te quero e traz ideias que possas concretizar na cidade sustentável que estamos a construir! 

Esta atividade, para crianças dos 6 aos 10 anos, é gratuita, mas de inscrição obrigatória, na BLCS, pelo telefone 253 205 977, ou e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Cristina Almeida Aguiar (DB) I M. Antónia Forjaz (DMA) I M. Judite Almeida (DB)
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

cienc 2017



Vacation finally!

What are you going to do? Certainly a break in school activities, and a sun and nature good use! Can you protect yourself from the sun? May be you don’t know everything ... Do you want to make a sunscreen? By the way, talking about the sun is talking about light. After all, what is light?

What attitudes should you have on the beaches? Certainly those that most promote sustainability! What are they? Speaking about beaches, we suddenly remember the sea! What are the characteristics of seawater? Why do we float? And what is the sea breeze? Will you spin a "mathematical weathervane"?

Come and find out the answers to these and other questions, and take the opportunity to "pave" your beach towel in “Ciência p´ra que te quero”, next Saturday, at BLCS!

And don´t forget! Bring ideas to make better and bigger the “sustainable” city that we are building in BLCS. As you know, it only gets better with your help!




May! Spring! Have you seen how the landscape has changed? Suddenly, everything blooms! And ... was it out of nowhere? Of course not! Someone sowed or planted, don´t you think?

You will certainly like to sow and plant, to learn how to create vertical green spaces where you can even harvest some food. Have you considered what would happen if there were a small garden for each set of dwellings?

How can they be built? How about with rotations, reflections and mathematical translations create a beautiful frieze to limit them? And if you try to take care of them without needing to use undesirable chemicals, that is to say, if you tried to have a sustainable garden?

If you want to know how to do all these, you only need to appear in BLCS with many good ideas and, of course, full of desire to participate in “Ciência p´ra que te quero”!


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