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The University of Minho and CBMA invite Master and PhD students, as well as Post-Docs, to join the GlycoBiology Summer School (23-25 September) taking place in Braga, Portugal. 

Glycopharm Poster

 The Summer School aims to be a joint learning event with participations of lecturers from 4 ITNs on GlycoBiology: Glycopharm, Immunoshape, Gastric Glyco Explorer and GlycoPar.

In brief, the topics of the Summer School are:

  • Glycobiology of Cancer
  • Carbohydrate Immunomodulators
  • Structural Glycopharmaceutics
  • Parasite Glycobiology

The Summer School will further include a Workshop on managing R&D at enterprise level and on Intelectual property in a EU funding context.

The event will be held at the School of Sciences Auditorium.

For more information on this event, please click below:

List of Speakers Summer School Program Summer School Website

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