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Science Through Our Lives (STOL) is a project that was born on September 2011 inside a group of three CBMA investigators aware of the importance/commitment of science communication in the present society. STOL was idealized as a cultural, scientific and educational project with a privileged place at the interfaces: university - society and education - research.
At presente STOL is coordinated by Alexandra Nobre (CBMA member) and has several ongoing projects and partnerships with public and private institutions.
In what concerns to STOL actions, STOL: develops activities in various areas such as education and training, promotes and participates in scientific/ cultural events, gets involved in the publication and dissemination of academic and science communication products, provides several services such as technical and scientific advice, disseminates research projects and researchers (in particular from CBMA) and has a Science Communication page in the web.

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Projects and Activities

Exhibition “Three Shades of Green" - Centro Escolar de São Torcato - April 2016

torcato copyThe School Centre S. Torcato was the first to receive the traveling exhibition "Three shades of green: Three perspectives on nature,” (Três Tons de Verde: Três olhares sobre a natureza) which started in the Laboratory of Landscape and can now be requested by any school through the environmental program FOOTPRINTS, of the city of Guimarães.

The photos of Daniel Ribeiro (STOL member), Paulo Guimarães and Pedro Alves, all graduated in Applied Biology, compose one of the three display views (shades). The other two belong to senior citizens and to students of a technical photography course. This initiative results from a partnership established between the STOL group - Science Through Our Lives and the Municipality of Guimarães, under the scope of  PEGADAS program.  

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"Sailing through Science" - Portuguese Association of War Veterans / Fifth session “Visit to Chemistry Department - UM” (30/3/16)


"Sailing through Science" is a project to be held in the scope of Chisoka Simões´s internship (Master in Adult Education and Community Development - Institute of Education, University of Minho) under the guidance of Professor Clara Costa Oliveira in collaboration with  STOL - Science Through Our Lives, and will take place in Braga delegation of the Portuguese Association of War Veterans (APVG) (http://www.apvg.pt/index.php).

More specifically, "Sailing through Science" consists of several non-formal education sessions on various science topics and technological phenomena (in the context of astronomy, geography and health), that will happen periodically using different pedagogical approaches. The topics to be addressed emerged following the diagnostic evaluation tuned with the interests and needs of the target audience and the institution.

30 / 4/ 16 - Visit to the Chemistry Department of Escola de Ciências  - University of Minho. In particular to different facilities with special emphasis on teaching and research laboratories. The visit was guided by Prof. Dulce Geraldo, professor of the department.

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PubhD UMinho - Third session - Guimarães - 28/3/16


Have you ever spoke about science in a pub? PubhD UMinho ((pub + PhD) consists of an individual presentation of doctoral projects. The three invited participants in each session have a white board, a pen and 10 minutes to talk about their research projects, followed by 20 minutes in which the assistance could ask questions. Approaching science to the citizens and raise other research perspectives that can open new opportunities for research is the great challenge of this initiative.The idea began in a pub in Nottingham in 2014 and reached Portugal (Lisbon) in 2015. PubhD UMinho is a monthly event organized by STOL and will run across two cities in the north of Portugal - Guimarães and Braga.

The city of Braga welcomes the second session of PubhD UMinho, to be held at  Bar Sé La Vie on February 25th, at 21 o'clock. 

In this session André Silva, Rita Silva and Sara Silva will be with us talking about attraction, AIDS and crime, respectively.

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Petri Dishes of Life - Submisson to Contextile 2016 contest


This work was developed in the scope of  Contextile 2016  (http://contextile.pt/2016/) and produced by Alxandra Nobre.

 "... The work was inspired by the fantastic microbial world that is part of my life for decades. Since four years ago I am envolved in a group of communication and dissemination of science, STOL-Science Through Our Lives (http://stolscience.com) and among various projects in which I am involved, many of them share knowledge in a holistic and transdisciplinary perspective, conecting science to art. Going a little in more detail, the microorganisms growing on solid nutrient media in a Petri dish allow observation of microbial colonies by naked eye. In fact, although the cells of bacteria, yeasts and molds are at micron size, its cell multiplication according to a geometric progression originates masses of circular cells (colonies) of radial growth, colors, textures, brightness and opacity, contours and elevations of great diversity and beauty. That's what I meant to recreate without the worry of being too realistic."


Science day-to-day / Terapeutic community for drug addiction consumers and dealers - “I and the immensity of the stars” 1st activity

daytoday"Science day-to-day" is a project to be held in the scope of Sílvia Coelho´s internship (Master in Adult Education and Community Development - Institute of Education, University of Minho) under the guidance of Professor Clara Costa Oliveira in collaboration with  STOL - Science Through Our Lives, and will take place in a therapeutic community to drug addiction consumers and dealers, in Braga.

More specifically, "Science day-to-day" consisted of several non-formal education sessions on various science topics  (in the context of astronomy, mathematics and health), that happened periodically using different pedagogical approaches. The mais objectives were: (i) to promote the integral development (learning to be) of drug addicts and the potentiation of a greater sense of autonomy and community participation; (ii) to foster learning moments linked to science and reflection and (iii) self-esteem development.

 March 2016 -  "I in the immensity of the stars" was proposed to the target audience with the goal of presentation, observation and discussion of the major constellations that could be seen in a countryside night sky (as is the case of the institution´s geographic localization). A digital document with information related to relevant astronomy topics was developed, after inquiring the target public. The session began by projecting several photographs of the night sky and asking the target public to identify each of the previously studied constellations. Then each participant chose one constellation to produce a representation of it. Briefly, they made small holes in sheets of black cardboard, exactly in the corresponding locations of the stars of the chosen constellation. By placing a light source behind (eg a lighted lamp or candle) the observed effect is of a dark sky with the shining constellation. At the end, they shared and discussed their representations among them.

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