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Science Through Our Lives (STOL) is a project that was born on September 2011 inside a group of three CBMA investigators aware of the importance/commitment of science communication in the present society. STOL was idealized as a cultural, scientific and educational project with a privileged place at the interfaces: university - society and education - research.
At presente STOL is coordinated by Alexandra Nobre (CBMA member) and has several ongoing projects and partnerships with public and private institutions.
In what concerns to STOL actions, STOL: develops activities in various areas such as education and training, promotes and participates in scientific/ cultural events, gets involved in the publication and dissemination of academic and science communication products, provides several services such as technical and scientific advice, disseminates research projects and researchers (in particular from CBMA) and has a Science Communication page in the web.

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Projects and Activities

Project "Ideias Leguminosas" - Fabácea - board game

A copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy"Ideas Leguminosas” ("Pulses ideas" in english looses the joke between “Ideias Luminosas” (bright Ideas)  and "Ideias leguminosas”) arises from the partnership between the Escola Sementes de Libberdade and STOL - Science Through Our Lives as a way to commemorate "2016 - International Year of Pulses" decreed by the UNO. The features, characteristics and applications of these plants are addressed and worked in a holistic and integrated approach in the diverse areas and by conducting a range of activities. 

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Science Festival 2016 - ECUM - 10 - 12 of May - iLUX 2016, a cartoons exhibition

science2Science Festival 2016 (Festa da Ciência 2016) is a project of School of Sciences – Minho University which aimed to communicate science, mainly to high school grade students, took place between tuesday 10/05/2014 and Thursday 12/15/2014 and where STOL - Science Through Our Lives was present with the exhbition “iLUX 2015".

 "iLUX 2015" is a gallery of cartoons created in the scope of the International Year of  Light 2015 (IYL 2015) as a work in progress (WIP) project through the year and that was already shown at the "European Researchers Night 2015" and in several Schools. Each cartoon covers a science content (bioluminiscence, stars, black light, vitamin BD production, light refraction, fireworks, light bulb efficiency, ...) centered in light, in a visual, accessible and appealing way to a general public.

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Seminar "Adult Education in Building Wellness Community” - 4th May

A copy_copy_copy_copyThe event was organized by the direction of MEAIC (Mestrado em Educação de Adultos e Intervenção Comunitária - Master in Adult Education and Community Development)  and took place at Instituto da Educação - Universidade do Minho  on 4th of May.

In this seminar, the morning brought us discussion on EA (Adult Education) in Portugal by two of the most prestigious persons in the area, followed by the presentation and disclosure of an association that may ultimately change the education in our country. The afternoon was dedicated to current students and alumni, who shared specific aspects of their professional practice. 
The last session on "Non-formal adult education using experimental science activities" was filled with the master projects  developed in collaboration with STOL. Session moderation by Alexandra Nobre 

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National Meeting APCEP - Lisbon - 28 and 29 April

A copy_copyThe APCEP* (Associação Portuguesa para a Cultura e Educação Permanente) held a national meeting in Lisbon on 29 and 30 April 2016, the Pavilion of Knowledge, entitled "Permanent Education in time changing: Know to Transform”.

*Portuguese Association for Culture and Continuous Education

At this meeting, STOL presented two projects in panel format:

(I) "Science in non-formal adult education" - Clara Costa Oliveira, Alice Alves, Chisoka Simões, Eugenia C Cunha, Silvia Coelho, Alexandra Nobre

(II) "PubhD UMinho - Speaking of Science in bars" - Daniel Ribeiro, Paula R Nogueira, Clara Costa Oliveira, Sara Martins, Pedro Veloso, Alexandra Nobre.

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Science day-to-day / Terapeutic community for drug addiction consumers and dealers - “Sundial construction” - 2nd activity

activity4"Science day-to-day" is a project to be held in the scope of Sílvia Coelho´s internship (Master in Adult Education and Community Development - Institute of Education, University of Minho) under the guidance of Professor Clara Costa Oliveira in collaboration with  STOL - Science Through Our Lives, and will take place in a therapeutic community to drug addiction consumers and dealers, in Braga.

More specifically, "Science day-to-day" consisted of several non-formal education sessions on various science topics  (in the context of astronomy, mathematics and health), that happened periodically using different pedagogical approaches. The mais objectives were: (i) to promote the integral development (learning to be) of drug addicts and the potentiation of a greater sense of autonomy and community participation; (ii) to foster learning moments linked to science and reflection and (iii) self-esteem development.

April - May 2016 -  “Sun Time - the construction of a sundial” was the last activity in the scope of “Science day-to-day” project. With an architectural design previously developed by the group, the sundial was built in the garden of the institution with the collaboration of all users. With this task, not only have been developed geometry and mathematics skills, but also promoted leisure, conviviality and mutual aid.

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