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Science Through Our Lives (STOL) is a project that was born on September 2011 inside a group of three CBMA investigators aware of the importance/commitment of science communication in the present society. STOL was idealized as a cultural, scientific and educational project with a privileged place at the interfaces: university - society and education - research.
At presente STOL is coordinated by Alexandra Nobre (CBMA member) and has several ongoing projects and partnerships with public and private institutions.
In what concerns to STOL actions, STOL: develops activities in various areas such as education and training, promotes and participates in scientific/ cultural events, gets involved in the publication and dissemination of academic and science communication products, provides several services such as technical and scientific advice, disseminates research projects and researchers (in particular from CBMA) and has a Science Communication page in the web.

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Projects and Activities

3D Brain Model in Crochet

BrainIsabel Castanho, a former Applied Biology studend and at present a phD neuroscientist at the University of Exeter, requested us a 3D model of brain in crochet to ilustrate several science communication activities in which is going to be involved. And STOL assented through a collaborator and longtime friend, Ana Alves, a biochemist living in Belgium for many years and that has already produced several hyperbolic models in crochet for the STOL project "Stitch by stitch the scince fills the space".

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Course on hidropony at the Senior University Rotary Club of Póvoa de Varzim

hidroponyIn the scope of the project of the degree in Applied Biology. there was established a collaboration between STOL - Science Through Our Lives (Biologia Department - UM) and  The USPV - Senior University Rotary Club of Póvoa de Varzim. More specifically, two students (Ivo Lima and Hélder Carvalho) finalists of this degree organized a course on Hydroponics (2 theoretical sessions and an experimental workshop) attended by about twenty seniors. The theme was proposed by USPV and cientific guidance was assumed by Alexandra Nobre (STOL and Biology Dep UM) and Ana Cunha (Biology Dep UM).

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The STOL participated in the contest "Sardines 2016."


The STOL participated in the contest "Sardines 2016." (http://www.cm-lisboa.pt/noticias/detalhe/article/concurso-sardinhas-festas-de-lisboa-2016) with four proposals.

Three were dedicated to "2016 - International Year of Pulses” (2016 - Ano Internacional das Leguminosas, Vai uma fresquinha, Dar bandeira) and one refers to DNA and warns to the responsible consumption of this fish resource (sardines) (Portugal tem a Sardinha nos genes). The contest results that that were made public on 30/05/16 can be seen here http://festasdelisboa.com/sardinhas/. The STOL congratulates the winning sardines.

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STOL participation in SciCom PT 2016 /Lisbon / 26 and 27 May 2016

SciComThe congress SciCom PT 2016 (http://scicom.pt/index.php/scicompt-2016/) took place in Lisbon, at Pavilhão do Conhecimento from 26 to 27 of May and was organized by Rede SciCom PT. STOL submitted several projects, either alone or in partnership with public and private institutions, that were all accepted.  Altogether were presented five communications. STOL was represented in the event, by Alexandra Nobre, Clara Costa Oliveira, Daniel Ribeiro and Sara Martins.

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PubhD UMinho - Fifth session - Guimarães - 19/5/16

fifth1Have you ever spoke about science in a pub?
PubhD UMinho ((pub + PhD) consists of an individual presentation of doctoral projects. The three invited participants in each session have a white board, a pen and 10 minutes to talk about their research projects, followed by 20 minutes in which the assistance could ask questions. Approaching science to the citizens and raise other research perspectives that can open new opportunities for research is the great challenge of this initiative.The idea began in a pub in Nottingham in 2014 and reached Portugal (Lisbon) in 2015. PubhD UMinho is a monthly event organized by STOL and will run across two cities in the north of Portugal - Guimarães and Braga.
The city of Guimarães welcomes the fifth session of PubhD UMinho, to be held at Bar Círculo Arte e Recreio on May 19th, at 21 o'clock. 
In this session Gabriela Jobim, Joana Silva e Sara Gonçalves will be with us talking about urban furniture, brain diseases and philosophy and cinema, respectively. 

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