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Science Through Our Lives (STOL) is a project that was born on September 2011 inside a group of three CBMA investigators aware of the importance/commitment of science communication in the present society. STOL was idealized as a cultural, scientific and educational project with a privileged place at the interfaces: university - society and education - research.
At presente STOL is coordinated by Alexandra Nobre (CBMA member) and has several ongoing projects and partnerships with public and private institutions.
In what concerns to STOL actions, STOL: develops activities in various areas such as education and training, promotes and participates in scientific/ cultural events, gets involved in the publication and dissemination of academic and science communication products, provides several services such as technical and scientific advice, disseminates research projects and researchers (in particular from CBMA) and has a Science Communication page in the web.

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Projects and Activities

“The magic of Light" - Venerável Ordem Terceira de São Domingos - Guimarães - 30/1/17 and 1/2/17

ordemIn the scope of the professional internship of Joana Martins of the Master in Education - specialization in Adult Education and Community Intervention, to be developed in the Venerável Ordem Terceira de São Domingos - Guimarães under the supervision of Clara Costa Oliveira appears the project "Towards the inclusion of the elderly: an educational project with institutionalized elderly people". The main purpose is to promote the inclusion of the elderly in different social and community contexts - and at this point, the partnership with STOL-Science Through Our Lives (Alexandra Nobre) enables topics on "Science of everyday life". These themes will enable the elderly to understand various everyday phenomena for which they "had no explanation", and bring them closer to Science by undoing the idea that it is very complex. 

Session 2 and 3 - The magic of Light - This theme was organized in two sessions and used materials produced by Daniel Ribeiro and Sara Martins in the iLUX 2015 project (https: //stolscience.com/portfolio/ilux-2015/). In the first one were approached: the refraction of light; the decomposition of white light; the applications of black light (for example, the possibility of distinguishing false notes from true ones); the energy efficiency of incandescent, halogen and LED lamps; and finally, there was a moment of fireworks in which it was shown that the chemical elements present are responsible for the extraordinary colours. Finally, in order to prepare the second session of this activity, a photograph of a plant was shown and asked what would happen if it were closed in a dark box with only a small opening on one side. The question remained for reflection and was answered at the next session. In the second session we approached: photosynthesis, phototropism and the way the plants "dance" towards the Sun; he importance of the Sun for the synthesis of vitamin D by the skin and the pathologies associated with vitamin deficiency; the greening of the potato and the danger that constitutes its consumption for the human organism; bioluminescence; and finally, the realization that the shadows of objects give us different images depending on the perspective with which the objects are observed.

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Workshop "Let's Crochet Nature" - Quinta Vale do Homem - Turismo Rural - 28/1/17

natureWorkshop "Let's Crochet Nature" at Quinta Vale Do Homem Rural Tourism - Amares conducted by Alexandra Nobre (STOL - Science Through Our Lives). This action was organized as part of 2017 - International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development decreed by the UN (https://nacoesunidas.org/on-declara-2017-oano-internacional-turismo-sustentavel-para-o - development /) in which some of the objectives precunized are environmental protection and the defense of cultural heritage, values that both STOL and  Quinta Vale do Homem advocate and disseminate.

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“The magic of Light“ - Elderly Center of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Vizela - 27/01/17 e 01/02/17

MagicThe intervention project "(Re) Learning to learn through active participation: new paths for lifelong education in a Senior Center" is an educational project developed by Marco Freitas during his curriculum internship under the supervision of Clara Costa Oliveira in the Master in Education - specialization in Adult Education and Community Intervention. This project is developed at the Elderly Center of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Vizela and one of its main tasks "Science of the day to day" has the partnership of STOL - Science Through Our Lives in the person of Alexandra Nobre, whose help and scientific training is essential for the promotion of science activities in the context of non-formal education among the senior population. 

Sessions 2 and 3 - 12/6/16 - The magic of Light - The two sessions under the theme of Light used materials produced by Daniel Ribeiro and Sara Martins in the iLUX 2015 project (https://stolscience.com/portfolio/ilux-2015/) and allowed several discoveries and (re)discoveries! to the SCMVizela utents. The phenomena of light refraction and white light decomposition, the black light applications, energy efficiency of light bulbs, the composition of fireworks, photosynthesis and phototropism, vitamin D production in skin, potato regreening and bioluminescence were some of the topics contemplated in a week with lots of fun and excitement as well as a true sharing of knowledge.

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PubhD UMinho - Twelfth session (first year commemoration) - Braga - 26/1/17

A copy_copyPubhD UMinho ((pub + PhD) - A glass full of Science consists of  individual presentation of doctoral projects. In the second season, after summer, we changed the format into two PhD projects presentation per session (previously were three).The participants have a white board, a pen and 10 minutes to talk about their research projects, followed by 20 minutes in which the assistance can ask questions. To approach science to the citizens and to raise other research perspectives that can open new opportunities for scientific investigation, are the great challenges of this initiative.The idea began in a pub, in Nottingham, in 2014 and reached Portugal (Lisbon) in 2015. PubhD UMinho is a monthly event organized by STOL since January 2016 and will run across alternately two cities in the north of Portugal - Guimarães and Braga.
The city of Braga welcomed the twelfth session of PubhD UMinho, at Bar Sé la Vie , on 26th of January.
In this session Inês Coelho and Rita carneiro were with us to talk about and  “Children with special needs", respectively. 

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Workshop "Evolution and life on Earth" - Elderly Center of the Santa Casa da Misericódia de Vizela - 19/1/17


Marco Freitas, collaborator STOL has been discussing the topics evolution, continental drift, tectonic plates, fossils ... with the utents of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Vizela where he works. STOL enabled the workshop by lending various fossils that illustrated some of the ideas addressed.

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