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Exhibition “ Água p´ra que te quero ..."


The Scientia.com.pt project carries out another " Ciência p´ra que te quero" activity that will take place on the next 18th, at BLCS, this time linked to water.

From March 18 to April 1, the exhibition “ Água p´ra que te quero ..." will be held at the BLCS - Exhibition Hall. It is a show of several works, under the theme of water, conceived and executed by groups of students from Biology-Geology of the University of Minho, in articulation with the project Scientia.com.pt, of the School of Sciences of the University of Minho, and registered in the site of UN-WATER of the United Nations (http://www.worldwaterday.org/events-map/; http://www.worldwaterday.org/wtd-events/agua-pra-que- Te-want-water-need /).

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