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PubhD UMinho - Thirteenth session - Guimarães - 24/2/17

plasticoPubhD UMinho ((pub + PhD) - A glass full of Science consists of  individual presentation of doctoral projects. In the second season, after summer, we changed the format into two PhD projects presentation per session (previously were three).The participants have a white board, a pen and 10 minutes to talk about their research projects, followed by 20 minutes in which the assistance can ask questions. To approach science to the citizens and to raise other research perspectives that can open new opportunities for scientific investigation, are the great challenges of this initiative.The idea began in a pub, in Nottingham, in 2014 and reached Portugal (Lisbon) in 2015. PubhD UMinho is a monthly event organized by STOL since January 2016 and will run across alternately two cities in the north of Portugal - Guimarães and Braga.
The city of Guimarães welcomed the 13th session of PubhD UMinho, at Bar C.A.R., on 24th of February
In this session André Coelho and Pedro Simão Mendes were with us to talk about “Bioplastics with antibiotic activity” and  “The role of memory in good grades", respectively. 


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