Centro de Biologia Molecular e Ambiental

Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology

2017 Seminars

DBio Seminars

Wednesdays  ::  9.30-10.30  ::  Mica auditorium




January 11

Célia Pais (CBMA)  - “Waste is not trash: how to transform by-products from the  fruit and vegetable processing industry into valuable bio-products."

January 18

Rui Oliveira (CITAB) - Antioxidant and antigenotoxic activities of plant extracts and natural products".

January 25

Ronaldo Sousa (CBMA)  - "Aquatic conservation in the 21st century using strange surrogate species"

February 1

Manuela Costa (CBFP)  - “Molecular mechanisms that control flower development"

February 8

Cândida Lucas (CBMA) - “Are microbes truly unicellular organisms?"

February 15

Pedro Soares (CBMA) - “Archaeogenetics and phylogeography of human populations"

February 22 

Márcia Carvalho (UTAD) - “Biodiversity in cowpea – morphological and molecular studies"

March 1

Filipe Costa (CBMA) - “Appraisal and prospects of DNA barcoding marine life of Portugal: from Sanger to high-throughput sequencing." 

March 8

João Rocha (CBMA) - “Ecolabels towards reduction of environmental impacts through life-cycle approach. Opportunities to improve EU Ecolabels."




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