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2015 Seminars

DBio Seminars

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January 28

Rita Francisco (CBMA) – Understanding the role of KRAS-regulated autophagy in colorectal cancer: therapeutic implications"

February 4

Jorge Santos (Campus do Mar - UVigo) - "A saúde e conservação dos ecossistemas marinhos"

February 11 

Hugo Rafael Oliveira (investigador post-doc no CIBIO, Centro de Investigação em Biodiversidade e Recursos Genéticos, Universidade do Porto) - "The domestication and spread of rye (Secale cereale L.) assessed by the genomic analysis of landrace accessions and historic seed collections"

February 18

Patrícia Dias Carvalho (MsC, CBMA) - "Exploring galectin-3/KRASmut/p16INK4a interplay in colorectal cancer

February 25

Madalena Martins (Post-Doc CEB, Universidade do Minho) - "Development of hyaluronic acid nanodispersions for transdermal bio-pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes". 

March 4

Catarina Afonso  (Investigadora Banco Português de Germoplasma Vegetal INIAV) -  "Grão a grão - Conservação de Recursos Genéticos Vegetais"

March 11

Ricardo Lopes (Professor Convidado DB/CIBIO) - "Birds, malaria and islands, a biogeographical story".

March 18

Maria Prata-Sena e Bruno Castro-Carvalho (CIIMAR - Centro Interdisciplinar de Investigação Marinha e Ambiental da Universidade do Porto) - "Activity of marine-derived compounds in cancer".

March 25

Cidália Borges (MsC, CBMA/CEB) - Study of sardine oil antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for the development of topical therapeutic and cosmetic formulations.

April 08

Sofia Costa (CBMA) "Nematode ecology and sustainable strategies for root-knot nematode control".

April 15

Darren Giling (Researcher at the IGB-Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries) - "Extreme weather events increase net ecosystem productivity from a large-scale enclosure experiment". 

April 23

Simoni Campos Dias (Universidade Católica de Brasília) - ”Peptídeos antimicrobianos: Tecnologias clássicas e inovadoras associadas a perspectivas biotecnológicas”.

April 29

José Antunes (PhD student at CEB UMinho ) "Molecular Dynamics simulations and its potential within a multidisciplinary research group".

May 13

Silvia Lorenzo Abalde (Immunology Group, - Biochemistry-Genetics-Immunology Department, University of Vigo) and will be entitled: “Monoclonal antibodies applied to marine studies”.

May 20

Andreia Silva (MSc.) - “Production of silk-elastin like composite materials with antimicrobial properties”. 
Auditorium of the Science School.

June 03

Cristina Xavier (ICR Institute of Cancer Research, UK  and IPATIMUP, Porto, Portugal) -  "CCT241736 overcomes resistance to the clinical JAK2 inhibitor TG101348 through inhibition of JAK2/STAT3 signaling in pancreatic cancer cell lines".

June 17

Lígia Rodrigues (Professora Auxiliar - DEB) - “The role of lactoferrin in breast cancer therapy”.

July 1 

Inês Sousa (DMA) com o título: "Longitudinal and survival analysis of breast cancer data".

July 8

Rui Oliveira (Professor Auxiliar - DB-UMinho ) -  “Dissecting antigenotoxicity and genotoxicity of plant extracts and phytochemicals”. 

September 30

Ana Poveda (Centro Internacional de Zoonosis, Universidad Central del Ecuador) - Cell cycles-phase checkpointprevention ofgenomic instability”.

Octoberr 07

João Pacheco (CBMA) - “Role of Candida albicans RLM1 in the interaction with macrophages: the impact of the carbon source”. 

Octoberr 14

Ana Margarida Pereira (CBMA) -  “Silk-based polymers functionalized with fibronectin type-II for improved cell adhesion”.

Octoberr 21

Carla Manuela Silva (CEB) - "Biomimetic encapsulation of FGF-2 into pegylated nanocarriers".

Octoberr 28

Madalena Martins (CEB) - "Protein formulations for industrial biotechnology applications".

November 04

Telma Fernandes (CEB) "Biological control strategies to improve olive tree production".

November 11

Tânia Pereira (IBMC/CBMA) "Candida glabrata and Candida bracarensis: two sister species presenting unequal cell wall composition/structure and inducing distinct in vitro innate immune responses".

November 18
Ana Catarina Tinoco (CEB) - "Chemical Functionalization in Bionanoparticles - asparaginase immobilization in BSA Nanoparticles".

November 25

Catarina Carneiro (CBMA) - "Cationic Liposomes as antigenic delivery systems: development of an immunoprotective strategy against Candida albicans".

December 03

Nuno Azoia (CEB) -  "Molecular dynamics simulations of proteins and biomaterials"

December 09

André Costa (CBMA) -  "Functionalization of Protein-based Polymers for advanced biomaterials".










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