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Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology

2012 Seminars

DBio Seminars

Wednesdays  ::  9.30-10.00  ::  Mica auditorium



17 de Outubro  20 Anos MGM

Paula Sampaio (DBio – Microbiology) “Candida albicans: from identification to host interactions and virulence

24 de Outubro

Michala Bubnová (YeastPhysiology - Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, Institute of Physiology,Prague) - "Active glycerol transporters in the osmotolerant yeast Zygosaccharomyces rouxii"

31 de Outubro 20 Anos MGM

André Costa (DB-UM) "Functionalizationof Elastin-Like Polymers (ELPs) as antimicrobial materials"


7 de Novembro 20 Anos MGM

Andreia Pacheco (DB-UM) “C2-phytoceramide induces cell integrity defects and sensitivity toosmotic stress in Saccharomycescerevisiae”


14 de Novembro 20 Anos MGM

Dulce Cunha  (DB-UM) "The proteasomemediates cisplatin-induced programmed cell death in yeast" 


21 de Novembro 20 Anos MGM

Júlia Santos (ICVS, School of HealthSciences, UM)   “Ammonium toxicity in aging yeast cells: cell death mechanisms andnutrient sensing pathways”


28 de Novembro 20 Anos MGM

Cristina Carvalho (Cellular& Molecular Pharmacology, DB - UM) - "Induction ofantioxidant defenses by diterpenic phenolics in human fibroblasts foranti-aging interventions"


5 de Dezembro 20 Anos MGM

Cristina Azevedo (MedicalResearch Council, University College London) – “Discovery of a newprotein modification-Polyphosphorylation”


12 de Dezembro 20 Anos MGM

Raul Machado (DB- UM) – (título a anunciar)


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