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A novel partnership CBMA / ISISE

ib-s-color-verticalThe newborn IB-S is a research partnership between the Research Units from Minho University, CBMA and ISISE (Institute for Sustainabilty and Innovation in Structural Engineering), for the development of cutting-edge research and innovation in the combined sustainability of built and natural environments. The IB-S activities will therefore include RD&I, post-graduation and long-life learning, in close interaction with the business community.

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Mission and Objectives

The mission of IB-S is to contribute to the development of a new social paradigm based on knowledge and on the respect for Nature. In this regard, the IB-S will be unique at both national and international levels. Innovative solutions will be developed for the application on natural and built environments conservation and/or rehabilitation and their integrated management. This implicates the development of a new interdisciplinary practice, gathering specialists from very diverse backgrounds to tackle complex and pressing sustainability problems. The IB-S premises will, therefore, house teams of biologists, engineers, physics and mathematicians that will share the laboratories side by side with spin-offs and companies in an innovation-stimulating work environment. 

The IB-S will be project-driven and financially self-sustained, in line with its multifaceted activity, involving technical services, outsourced research, and strategic partnerships at national and international levels.

IB-S stands on the following anchor projects:

  • New bio-inspired materials
  • Innovation on sustainable construction
  • Biodiversity management and conservation
  • Sustainability of industrial systems
  • Management of aquatic ecosystems and freshwater resources
  • Novel integrative solutions for sustainable energy
3D render for the IB-S building of Braga

The IB-S premises include two new infrastructures, localized in the University of Minho Campi of Gualtar (Braga) and Azurém (Guimarães), specifically designed for the development of the anchor projects, and the housing of the collaborating companies. These new laboratories were planned bearing in mind sustainability demands, for which extreme care was taken in order to achieve maximum working comfort and functionality with a minimum expenditure. This involves very diverse solutions for HVAC, illumination and water management. 

The new building in Braga is specialized in bio-prone activities, while the building in Guimarães is specialized in engineering experimentation.

The RD&I activity under the scope of IB-S is in line with the fundamental need to increase the technological intensity of the local/national industry in a sustainable manner, more social and environmentally concerned. This broad objective addresses today’s major societal challenges, and comes in agreement with the EU Horizon 2020 policy. 

Sustainability, as the equilibrium between Society, Economy and the Environment, demands for a novel attitude at a global scale. Traditional economic models are either technologically pushed of market pulled. A novel concerned economy concept should substitute the present paradigms through a push&pull strategy improving the degree of fitness of the survival needs in the global resources:




This is where the IB-S stands: research to enable a new paradigm.



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