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Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology


The Cooperative Study on Prevention and Treatment of Neurological Disorders by Medicinal Plants

On July 12 and 13 we had a visit from an official Chinese delegation at the University of Minho, related to the SINO-PT Project, "The Cooperative Study on Prevention and Treatment of Neurological Disorders by Medicinal Plants", jointly funded by FCT and MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology of China).

This visit included an elite Chinese group, including representatives of Southwest Medical University (SWMU, Sichuan, China), from the Chinese Ministry of Health, as well as a large representation of the Chengdu Federation of Industry and Commerce which included several companies from the Sichuan province.

During the visit, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between UMinho and SWMU, and the "SINO-PT Research Center for Medicinal and Food Plant Resources" was inaugurated at IB-S. At this ceremony were present, among others, Professor Rui Vieira de Castro (Rector of UMinho), Dr. Ricardo Rio (Mayor of Braga), Professor Manuela Corte-Real (President of ECUM), Dr. Wang Lei (representing the Chinese Embassy), Professor Yanzheng He (President of SWMU) and Dr .Shen (Director General of Sichuan province).

The ?SINO-PT Research Center for medicinal and food plant resources? intends to be an international cooperation Center, devoted to food and herbal medicine R&D, product and registration, Chinese herbal medicine planting, joint postgraduate training, and talent Exchange.


Mafalda Almeida was awarded the prize Prof. Doutor Amândio Tavares for best oral presentation

Mafalda Almeida, master student of Molecular Genetics, was awarded the prize Prof. Doutor Amândio Tavares for best oral presentation in the XLII Portuguese Genetics Conference by “Sociedade Portuguesa de Genética” (SPG) with the talk: M Almeida, T Rito, T Shoeib, D Vieira, A Brandão, S Moreira, J Guimarães, A Azevedo, B Yao, F Gandini, M Pala, L Pereira, S Oppenheimer, MB Richards, P Soares. The genetic impact of the foraging-based “Coastal Neolithic” and Rice Neolithic in Mainland Southeast Asia.

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GREENFEST Braga 1st edition

GREENFEST Braga 1st edition took place from 1-3 of June in the renovated Forum Braga. GREENFEST is the largest sustainability event in Portugal where is celebrated the best that is done in the Environmental, Social, Economic and Cultural aspects. It is a platform for sharing ideas, experiences and best practices, addressing current trends and contributing to greater visibility of projects and initiatives of companies, institutions and citizens who care about the future. The University of Minho and the IB-S Institute of Science and Innovation for Bio Sustainability were partners of GREENFEST in its 1st edition in Braga.

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Seminário "Nau da Biodiversidade”


Seminário  "Nau da Biodiversidade”, é organizado pelo Laboratório de Biologia Costeira da Universidade do Minho em parceria com o CBMA (Centro de Biologia Molecular e Ambiental),IB-S (Instituto da Ciência e Inovação para a Bio-Sustentabilidade) e o Mosteiro de Tibães. Este seminário decorrerá no dia 16 de Junho de 2018 no IB-S (Instituto da Ciência e Inovação para a Bio-Sustentabilidade), do campus de Gualtar. 

Laboratório de Biologia  Costeira  tem como objetivo principal dar a conhecer o património natural português e as diferentes abordagens científicas e didáticas em volta do mesmo. Pretende ainda reunir investigadores, estudantes, professores e entusiastas da natureza, com o intuito de promover o intercâmbio de informações e a discussão de experiências visando a valorização da Biodiversidade.

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School of Nature wins the European Citizen's Natura 2000 Award

“School of Nature” won the European Citizen's Natura 2000 Award by public vote in an online poll of 25 finalists in the Natura 2000 Network competition. The project was promoted by the Câmara de Viana do Castelo and coordinated by the Center for Environmental Monitoring and Interpretation of Viana do Castelo.This project was developed by Alumni of the Master’s degree in Ecology, namely Susana Pereira, Marisa Gomes and Fábio Faria together with Pedro Gomes, researcher at CBMA - Center for Molecular and Environmental Biology.  “School of Nature” was funded by "Portugal 2020" and has as partners the municipality of Esposende and Vila Nova de Cerveira, the University of Coimbra, through the Institute of the Sea, and the scientific and technical support of CBMA of University of Minho and the Center for the Conservation of Butterflies of Portugal.  The Pan-European Prize, recognizes excellence in the management of Natura 2000 sites and conservation work, showing added value for local economies and raising public awareness of Europe's valuable natural heritage.



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