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Diana Barros
Diana Barros
PhD Student
Sustaining Life - Biodiversity and Functional Ecology
Proteomic and physiological responses to metal nanoparticles in aquatic microbes
Fernanda Cássio, Cláudia Pascoal e Pedro M Santos
Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology (CBMA)
Department of Biology
University of Minho
Campus de Gualtar
4710-057 Braga

Current Research & Key Publications

Characterization and fate of Ag nanoparticles

Bioassays and estimation of toxicity parameters

Biochemical markers of exposure to AgNPs

Protein expression profiles under exposure to AgNPs

Research Projects

The goal of this project is to assess proteomic and physiological responses to Ag NP exposure in aquatic microbes that play key ecological roles in freshwaters. We selected aquatic fungi and bacteria aiming to identify potential biomarkers of exposure and to elucidate the action mechanisms of Ag NPs. The specific objectives of this project are: i) to evaluate the toxicity of Ag NPs to microbes by establishing dose response curves to Ag NP exposure and using microbial growth as endpoint; ii) to assess if exposure to Ag NPs induce oxidative stress in aquatic microbes; iii) to examine changes in the activity of antioxidant enzymes due to Ag NP exposure; iv) to address if Ag NP exposure can cause genotoxicity, as nuclear morphological alterations and DNA strand breaks; and v) to characterize key protein signatures by examining changes in protein expression promoted by exposure to Ag NPs.






Menino JF, Osório NS, Sturme MH, Barros D, Gomes-Alves AG, Almeida AJ, Ludovico P, Costa P, Goldman GH, Rodrigues F. 2012. Morphological heterogeneity of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis: relevance of the Rho-like GTPase PbCDC42. Med Mycol. 50(7):768-74.

Oral presentation of “Morphological heterogeneity of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis: characterization and relevance of the Rho-like GTPase Pbcdc42” (Menino J, Barros D, Gomes-Alves AG, Hernández O, Almeida AJ, Fernando Rodrigues) at the 26th Fungal Genetics Conference held in California, USA (2011).

Poster presentation of “Effects of ethanol and phenanthrene on litter decomposition by aquatic fungal assemblages” (Barros D, Oliveira P, Pascoal C, Cássio F) at the 7th Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences held in Girona, Spain (2011).

Poster presentation of “Paracoccidioides brasiliensis yeast cells do not obey standard rules during cell growth” (Almeida A, Barros D, Hernandez O, Oliveira P, McEwen J, Ludovico P, Rodrigues F) at the National Congress of Microbiology - MicroBiotec'09 held in Vilamoura, Portugal (2009).

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