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Sofia dos Santos da Rocha Costa
Sofia dos Santos da Rocha Costa
Post-Doc Researcher
Sustaining Life - Biodiversity and Functional Ecology
Isabel Mourão, Teresa Almeida, Ulrike Mathesius
Universidade do Minho - Campus de Gualtar, Departamento de Biologia - 4710-057, Braga - P

Current Research & Key Publications

My research interests include soil ecology and plant-parasitic nematode management in agroecosystems.

My research focus has been on soil-dwelling nematodes, investigating their interactions with other soil organisms, that can be exploited to develop alternative, environmentally-friendly plant-parasitic nematode control strategies. These include biological control, plant mutualists such as rhizobial bacteria, and plant host resistance (including plant grafting).

Having developed research in both natural and agricultural systems, I am to turnknowledge on soil -and particularly- nematode ecology into practical applications.

Arosa ML, Freitas H, Costa SR. 2016. Temporal effects dominate land use as factors affecting soil nematode communities in Mediterranean oak woodlands. Agroforestry systems 90: 127-136

Costa SR 2015 Ecologia de Nemátodes e seu interesse na enxertia de plantas hortícolas (ParteII/II). AGROTEC 14:28-30

Costa, S.R., Davies, K.G., Bardgett, R.D. and Kerry, B.R. 2012. Interactions between Nematodes and their Microbial Enemies in Coastal Sand Dunes. Oecologia 170: 1053-1066

Costa, S.R., van der Putten, W. and Kerry, B.R. 2011. Microbial Ecology and Nematode Control in Natural Ecosystems. In: K.G. Davies and I. Spiegel Eds. Biological Control of Plant Parasitic Nematodes: Building Coherence between Microbial Ecology and Nematology. Progress in Biological Control vol 11. Springer Netherlands. p 39- 64

van der Putten, W.H., Cook, R., Costa, S., Davies, K.G., Fargette, M., Freitas, H., Hol,, W.H.G., Kerry, B.R., Maher, N., Mateille, T., Moens, M., de la Peña, E., Piskiewicz, A., Raeymaekers, A., Rodríguez-Echeverría, S. & van der Wurff, A.W.G. 2006. Nematode Interactions in Nature: Models for Sustainable Control of Nematode Pests of Crop Plants? Advances in Agronomy 89: 227-260

Research Projects

Team member:

COCCOON - Combined sustainable strategies for root-knot nematode management in protected crops - PTDC/AGRPRO/3438/2014 / COMPETE 016611

EcoAgriFood: Innovative green products and processes to promote Agri-Food BioEconomy Projecto Estruturado (Norte 2020-01-0145 FEDER 000 009), coordinated by Universidade do Minho


RESCOE: Risk Assessment and Ecological Sustainability of Cork Oak in Montado Ecosystems. Funded by FCT (PTDC/BIA-BEC/102834/2008) (PI)

‘What Turns a Quiet Alien into a Powerful Invader? An assessment of introduction history and invasive plant traits’ Funded by: Instituto de Investigação Interdisciplinar (III/62/2008) (PI)

Team member:

MIRRI Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure, European Union FP7 theme INFRA-2012-2.2.5 Grant 312251 (Post-doc Researcher)

HiCC-Luta Biológica por Hipovirulência contra o Cancro do Castanheiro em Portugal. Funded by FCT PTDC/AGR-PRO/4606/2012 (Research Assistant)

Montado: from biodiversity to ecosystem services, funded by COMPETE/Ciência Viva (Team Member)

Robin – Rhizosphere organisms as determinants of Biological Invasion, Funded by: FCT Portugal (POCI/BIA/BDE/56941/2004) (Team Member)

EcoTrain – Ecology of plant parasitic nematodes, their host plants and antagonists in European sand dunes: Training opportunity for ecologists and agricultural biocontrol researchers. Funded by: Marie Curie European Union Research and Training Network (RTN) program contract RTN2-0464 (PhD Student/Team Member)



CBC – CarBuCida Parte II – Bolsa de Ignição inovC 2012: Escola Superior Agrária de Coimbra, IPC








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