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Maria Fais
Maria Fais
PhD Student
Sustaining Life - Biodiversity and Functional Ecology
Sustainable use of marine resources. Integrated Management of the sea.
Filipe Costa
Universidade do Minho - Campus de Gualtar, Departamento de Biologia - 4710-057, Braga - P

Current Research & Key Publications

My current work focuses on the evaluation of ecosystem dynamics within the meio- and macrobenthic communities of the Lima estuary (Portugal), by the development of an eDNA metabarcoding approach, both as regards the optimization of sampling and laboratory protocols, and for the development of an appropriate bioinformatics pipeline.

My previous research topics ranged from fish biology, population genetics of marine invertebrates, to the development of scientific, natural and underwater tourism, as well as environmental education activities, in Sardinia and Cyprus islands.



Research Projects

Development of a metabarcoding approach for investigating the coupled dynamics of estuarine meio- and macrobenthic communities (PhD, FCT scholarship: PD/BD/113547/2015, from October 2015)

  • COST Action CA15219 "Developing new genetic tools for bioassessment of aquatic ecosystems in Europe" (team member, from January 2017)
  • NEXTSea "Next generation monitoring of coastal ecosystems in a scenario of global change"  (team member, from September 2016)
  • MarBOL "Marine Barcode of Life for Census the Marine Life" (contributor, from January 2016)

ITMP Marine Ecology for educating in marine ecology “www.verderealta.it” (team member, editor and contributor, from March 2015)

Analysis of genetic variability in populations of Patella ferruginea (European Fisheries Fund 2007-2013) - MSc.Res.

Escape performance in Liza aurata owing to visual stimulation (Italian Ministery of Research) - BSc.Res.

Ciência Viva no Laboratório - Ocupação Científica de Jovens nas Férias (OCJF) - educational project at the University of Minho to teach science for youngsters (teaching assistant, July 2016)

Marine Strategy Framework Directive (D.56/2008/UE) plan in the Marine Protected Area of Sinis-Mal di Ventre

Fish & Cheap (European Fisheries Fund 2007-2013)

Giovani nel Sinis (Montiferru Sinis Union co-funded)

Euro Trains Tour - back (Sardinian regional co-funded)

Euro TrainS Tour (Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme)

–CO2 + Vita (Sardinian regional co-funded)




Fais M, Hollatz C, J Lobo, Duarte S, Borges LMS, Costa FO (2016). Compiling a DNA barcode reference library for benthic molluscs of the Southern European Atlantic coast. Frontiers in Marine Sciences. Conference Abstracts: XIX Iberian Symposium on Marine Biology Studies. DOI: 10.3389 /conf.FMARS.2016.05.00132.

Mediterranean Seagrass Workshop - Sardinia 2015 (AA.VV.) by Ivan Guala and Maria Fais

Fais M (2012). Cydive: dive into fun – dive sites. Guide to the marine ecology of the major summer Cydive sites. researchgate.net and academia.edu (divulgative manuscripts)


Fais M, Duarte S, Sousa R, Hajibabaei M., Canchaya CA, Costa FO (2017). DNA metabarcoding of estuarine meiofauna: testing the effect of sample’s amount and primer-pairs. I DNAqua-Net Kick-Off Conference: European Cooperation in Science and Technology. Essen (Germany), 7-8 March 2017.

Vieira P, J Lobo, Fais M, Duarte S, H Queiroga, Costa FO (2016). Compiling a DNA barcode reference library for macrobenthic invertebrate fauna from the Southern European Atlantic coast. II Campus Do*Mar International Science Conference 2016 "Oceans: Future sustainability changes". Poster Session: Sustainable Use of Marine Resources. Vila Real (Portugal), 17-18 November 2016.

Fais M, Hollatz C, J Lobo, Duarte S, Borges LMS, Costa FO (2016). Compiling a DNA barcode reference library for benthic molluscs of the Southern European Atlantic coast. XIX Iberian Symposium on Marine Biology Studies. Poster Session: Ecology, Biodiversity and Vulnerable Ecosystems. Porto (Portugal), 5-9 September 2016.

Dedola GL, Lai T, Sanna D, Fais M, Christ B, Vanetti I, G Binelli, Curini-Galletti M, Casu M (2009). The genetic structure of the endangered species Patella ferruginea (Mollusca: Gastropoda) suggests possible incipients speciation in Sardinia. XI Congress of FISV. Poster Session: Evolution. Riva Del Garda (Italy), 23-25 September 2009.

Fais M (2016). Development of a metabarcoding approach for investigating the coupled dynamics of estuarine meio- and macrobenthic communities. DO*Mar Student Day 2016, Aveiro (Portugal) - 16th November 2016


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